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Trumps taking credit for what others have done from Obama's economy (Trump hasn't passed a budget) to the release of JFK's files ..sad! 1 3
Trump taking credit for the release of JFK's classified files that have scheduled for declassification on Oct 26 for years continues.... 0 3
Bob Corker announcing he will not seek re-election is a loss for the Senate. Corker represents a Republican Party, Trump replaced. Sad! 0 0
Trump's appearance today at the UN was a total embarrassment of the U.S. 1 4

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The wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Ukraine represent the “new world order”. These conflicts are not nation-state wars but are wars......



Its Summer and that means Saratoga is in full swing. The “Spa” meet brings together the best 2 year olds in the country......


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” Technology is just a medium….it is what you do with it that matters.”
~ Steve Jobs