Financial Services has a focus consulting to private equity, investors, hedge funds, family offices and corporations. Our consulting services provides for the strategy advisory of major opportunities, sourcing of off-market, non-brokered transactions, comprehensive financial structuring and financial sources.


Consulting focuses on strategy, capital issues, assessment and disposition. Renaissance, its subsidiary Metis Financial Network and its alliance partners provide financial institutions with quarterly asset, portfolio or pool valuations; secured data and document management; target market sales processes and market intelligence plans for the management of under-performing and non-performing loans, real estate owned (REO) assets or access to new capital. Our valuation enables management to support their Fair Value issues; Loss Allocations; disposition strategies to maximize pricing, increase the certainty of closing and defending balance sheet positions. Our services support lender recovery strategies that include new project equity, collateral management, on-going valuation and enhanced transaction opportunities.


Renaissance provides the sourcing of off-market, non-brokered transactions; comprehensive financial strategies; financial structuring and financing sourcing . Our technology platform enables Renaissance to support investment underwriting, due diligence, creative financial structuring, portfolio management and marketing intelligence. Our structuring can significantly enhance our client’s position in negotiating acquisitions, return on investment and in certain instances their ownership position within the capital stack.


Renaissance is a trusted advisor and has developed personal relationships with its select clients. These relationships are focused on understanding the client objectives, identifying opportunities and executing on their directed decisions. Renaissance provides all of its services under the strictest of confidentiality. Renaissance does not release the names of its clients; issue press releases; announce or disclose any transaction on which it is currently engaged or has previously represented a client.

At Renaissance the purpose of our business to serve our clients and enhance their performance.  A client’s success is more important than another business opportunity for Renaissance.

Renaissance utilizes a proprietary platform to insure a trusted transaction environment and full transparency to all participating parties.


Renaissance begins each engagement with an evaluation of the possibilities to meet the client objectives.  We adhere to the Steve Jobs admonition to “Think Different”.  

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Renaissance creates solutions that are practical to achieve, efficient to implement and provide the greatest opportunity for the highest return on investment.


In today’s world the use of technology is paramount to achieving success and maximizing each opportunity.   All efforts begin with an assessment of data and information as well as a review of all related documents.

Renaissance technology platform enables the electronically storage of documents, management of historical and current data, financial and real estate assets, provide up to date market information including current transactions. Provide customized reporting to meet both internal as well as regulatory reporting requirements, provide virtual data rooms for due diligence.   Asset Disposition enables direct sales, privately negotiated transactions and or public auction dispositions.


The Renaissance Companies are dedicated to providing solutions for management, marketing and technology issues. All problems have solutions that reside in the best minds in America in the industry, related professionals, regulatory agencies and academia. The key is to develop solutions that are practical, can be implemented by each respective institution, and are accepted in a regulatory environment.

For problems that are improbable to solve we do so immediately; the impossible takes a little longer. Renaissance maintains access to the best intelligence and information required to develop strategies; implement plans; and achieve the business objectives of our clients.

We are a client driven company